Meet the Artist: Marc Gaiger

Inspired by my Dad and encouraged by my Mom, both teachers,  I built my first wooden model of a bi-plane when I was nine years old.  By high school I won a tri-county award for a drop leaf table I made. When my interests turned to cars I studied welding and fabrication. While studying wing chun I learned how to cast bronze metal to make swords.  A recent commission for an old school blacksmithed railing project inspired me to invest time, invent new equipment and tools and upgrade my knowledge and skills of forging and blacksmithing.

My inquisitive problem solving personality and a personal need to figure out how things work drives me to reengineering, inventing and modifying existing tools and equipment.  I have made these to improvements for wood, metal, glass and ceramic artists and craftsmen. I love being charitable by helping people and organizations achieve their goals, I believe in daily random acts of kindness and most important...You can’t own it till you are willing to give it away!