Meet the Artist: Carol Bell

I always tell people I was born an mom always told me I listened to the beat of a different Gramma Dottie always asked me if I was a hippy. I told her yes. My dad and I shared a love for the Adirondacks he believed god was there.  In high school my nickname was “Earthmom” and that stuck too. Since I was a child I loved making stuff.  I always had the idea that I could make things to support myself and I do.  When I first got my hands on clay I was hooked and believed I found my it.  

I signed up for a pottery class taught by the Syracuse Ceramics Guild. Instantly I was in love with clay and the mystery of all those weird chemicals and formulas that looked like sci-fi cookie recipes. Moving to Buffalo I got a job at University of Buffalo which included unlimited studio privileges.  I was assistant manager and instructor at the new Creative Crafts Center, located on Amherst Campus.  This was during the 1970’s natural gas shortage so we only had electric kilns. This enhanced my knowledge of cone 6 oxidation early on and we still use many of those glazes today at Turk Hill Craft School.  Learning Raku, Jewelry Making, Hand Spinning & Weaving and Photography at UB has given me a good balance of craft knowledge and experience. This experience has been invaluable for running my school, producing and selling artwork and living the artist’s life.

Throwing pots is always magical to me... bringing a pile of mud to life….if your mind is thinking clearly and focused there is a dance between hands, mind and clay. But remember it only clay don't get attached!