Wheel Compatibility 


Brent IE, Brent B, Brent C, Brent CXC, Brent EX, and Brent Model 16

Laguna Pacifica- GT 400, Laguna Pacifica GT 800

Lockerbie LK, Lockerbie LEK

Skutt Prodigy, Skutt Kick Wheel

Soldner P series, Soldner S Series

Speedball Clay Boss Big Boss, Speedball Boss Elite

Shimpo VL Whisper

Shimpo VL Lite

Floor Mount


Mounts to floor. Originally created for the Shimpo - RK Whisper solid base wheel. 

Also will work with any of the above wheels


Thomas Stuart Classic, Thomas Stuart Elite, Thomas Stuart Professional, and the Steven Hill Signature pottery wheels.


Thomas Stuart Legend, Thomas Stuart Revolution, Thomas Stuart Premier


Bailey Pro X; Bailey XL; Bailey ST; Bailey ST-XL.