Wheel Compatibility 


Brent IE, Brent B, Brent C, Brent CXC, Brent EX, and Brent Model 16

Laguna Pacifica- GT 400, Laguna Pacifica GT 800

Lockerbie LK, Lockerbie LEK

Skutt Prodigy, Skutt Kick Wheel

Soldner P series, Soldner S Series

Speedball Clay Boss Big Boss, Speedball Boss Elite

Shimpo Whisper

Shimpo VL

Wall / Floor Mount


ANY wheel.

Mounts to floor or wall. Originally created for the Shimpo - RK solid base wheel. 


Thomas Stuart Classic, Thomas Stuart Elite, Thomas Stuart Professional, and the Steven Hill Signature pottery wheels.


Thomas Stuart Legend, Thomas Stuart Revolution, Thomas Stuart Premier


Bailey Pro X; Bailey XL; Bailey ST; Bailey ST-XL.